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Nanostructured DLC coatings for self-assembly applications
Bertrán Serra, Enric; Freire Soler, Víctor Manuel; Cabrera Magaña, Edgar Julián; Corbella Roca, Carles; Portal, S.; Pascual Miralles, Esther; Andújar Bella, José Luis
Universitat de Barcelona
The singular characteristics of diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin films, concerning tribological and surfaces properties, are suitable for self-assembly applications. Usually, DLC thin films have been developed as protective coatings for sliding surfaces with relative motion. But, DLC coatings deposited on nanostructured surfaces also provide new potential for self-assembly applications. In particular, the addition of fluorine during the deposition of DLC deposited by pulsed DC plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) has a significant effect on the surface energy and tribological characteristics, which accelerates the mechanisms involved in self-assembly processes. Among the multiple applications of DLC coatings we also found their biocompatibility and antithrombogenicity. Such properties make them candidates for a number of medical applications where wear-resistant coatings, such as prosthesis, or simply biocompatible parts are required.
Pel·lícules fines de diamant
Diamond thin films
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