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Aminogenesis control in fermented sausages manufactured with pressurized meat batter and starter culture
Latorre-Moratalla, M. L.; Bover Cid, Sara; Aymerich Calvet, Mª Teresa; Marcos Muntal, Begonya; Vidal Carou, Ma. Carmen; Garriga Turón, Margarita
IRTA. Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries
The application of high hydrostatic pressure (200 MPa) to meat batter just before sausage fermentation and the inoculation of starter culture were studied to improve the safety and quality of traditional Spanish fermented sausages (fuet and chorizo). Higher amounts of biogenic amines were formed in chorizo than in fuet. Without interfering with the ripening performance in terms of acidification, drying and proteolysis, hydrostatic pressure prevented enterobacteria growth but did not affect Gram-positive bacteria significantly. Subsequently, a strong inhibition of diamine (putrescine and cadaverine) accumulation was observed, but that of tyramine was not affected. The inoculated decarboxylase-negative strains, selected from indigenous bacteria of traditional sausages, were resistant to the HHP treatment, being able to lead the fermentation process, prevent enterococci development and significantly reduce enterobacteria counts. In sausages manufactured with either non-pressurized or pressurized meat batter, starter culture was the most protective measure against the accumulation of tyramine and both diamines.
Amines biògenes
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