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Sigma-delta effects and charge locking in capacitive MEMS under dielectric charge control
Giounanlis, Panagiotis; Gorreta Mariné, Sergio; Domínguez Pumar, Manuel; Pons Nin, Joan; Feely, Orla; Blokhina, Elena
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d'Enginyeria Electrònica; Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. MNT - Grup de Recerca en Micro i Nanotecnologies
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This work investigates, analytically and experimentally, the effects induced by the use of a first-order sigma-delta (S¿) feedback loop as a control method of dielectric charging for capacitive microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). This technique allows setting of a desired level of net charge in the dielectric of a MEMS device by continuously alternating the polarity of the actuation voltage. This control system displays a number of interesting effects, inherited from S¿ modulation and not usually found in conventional MEMS applications, with the charge-locking phenomenon being the most relevant. The convergence time and the effectiveness of the control method are also investigated and discussed.
Peer Reviewed
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria electrònica::Microelectrònica
Microelectromechanical systems
Electric discharges
Micromechanical devices
Charge carrier processes
Mathematical model
Discharges (electric)
Sistemes microelectromecànics
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Giounanlis, Panonios; Blokhina, Elena; Feely, Orla; Domínguez Pumar, Manuel; Pons Nin, Joan; Gorreta Mariné, Sergio