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Guiding students through competence-based educational material
Pedraza Jiménez, Rafael; Figueiras Vidal, A. R.; Navia Vázquez, Ángel
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Student guidance is an always desired characteristic in any educational system, butit represents special difficulty if it has to be deployed in an automated way to fulfilsuch needs in a computer supported educational tool. In this paper we explorepossible avenues relying on machine learning techniques, to be included in a nearfuture -in the form of a tutoring navigational tool- in a teleeducation platform -InterMediActor- currently under development. Since no data from that platform isavailable yet, the preliminary experiments presented in this paper are builtinterpreting every subject in the Telecommunications Degree at Universidad CarlosIII de Madrid as an aggregated macro-competence (following the methodologicalconsiderations in InterMediActor), such that marks achieved by students can beused as data for the models, to be replaced in a near future by real data directlymeasured inside InterMediActor. We evaluate the predictability of students qualifications, and we deploy a preventive early detection system -failure alert-, toidentify those students more prone to fail a certain subject such that correctivemeans can be deployed with sufficient anticipation.
This work has been partially supported by CICYT project InterMediActor, ref. TIC2000-0377.
Ensenyament assistit per ordinador -- Congressos
Ensenyament virtual -- Congressos
Machine learning techniques
Computer supported educational tool
Student guidance
Tutoring navigational tool
(c) 2002, Rafael Pedraza et al.

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