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Student modeling based on fuzzy inference mechanisms
Kavčič, Alenka; Navia Vázquez, Ángel; Pedraza Jiménez, Rafael
The paper presents a competence-based instructional design system and a way to provide a personalization of navigation in the course content. The navigation aid tool builds on the competence graph and the student model, which includes the elements of uncertainty in the assessment of students. An individualized navigation graph is constructed for each student, suggesting the competences the student is more prepared to study. We use fuzzy set theory for dealing with uncertainty. The marks of the assessment tests are transformed into linguistic terms and used for assigning values to linguistic variables. For each competence, the level of difficulty and the level of knowing its prerequisites are calculated based on the assessment marks. Using these linguistic variables and approximate reasoning (fuzzy IF-THEN rules), a crisp category is assigned to each competence regarding its level of recommendation.
Comunicació presentada al IEEE Region 8 EUROCON 2003, 22-24 de setembre de 2003, a la Faculty of Electrical Engineering de la University of Ljubljana (Slovènia)
Educational systems
Fuzzy logic
Personalized navigation
User modelling
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