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Impedance field and noise of submicrometer n+ nn+ diodes: analytical approach
Bulashenko, Oleg; Gaubert, P.; Varani, L.; Vaissiere, J. C.; Nougier, J. P.
Universitat de Barcelona
A theoretical model for the noise properties of n+nn+ diodes in the drift-diffusion framework is presented. In contrast with previous approaches, our model incorporates both the drift and diffusive parts of the current under inhomogeneous and hot-carrier conditions. Closed analytical expressions describing the transport and noise characteristics of submicrometer n+nn+ diodes, in which the diode base (n part) and the contacts (n+ parts) are coupled in a self-consistent way, are obtained
Camps elèctrics
Mètode de Montecarlo
Electrònica de l'estat sòlid
Electric fields
Monte Carlo method
Solid state electronics
(c) American Institute of Physics, 2000
American Institute of Physics

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