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Self-organized criticality induced by diversity
Corral, Álvaro; Pérez-Vicente, Conrado, 1962-; Díaz Guilera, Albert
Universitat de Barcelona
We have studied the collective behavior of a population of integrate-and-fire oscillators. We show that diversity, introduced in terms of a random distribution of natural periods, is the mechanism that permits one to observe self-organized criticality (SOC) in the long time regime. As diversity increases the system undergoes several transitions from a supercritical regime to a subcritical one, crossing the SOC region. Although there are resemblances with percolation, we give proofs that criticality takes place for a wide range of values of the control parameter instead of a single value.
Física estadística
Matèria condensada
Fenòmens crítics (Física)
Equacions d'estat
Statistical physics
Condensed matter
Critical phenomena (Physics)
Equations of state
(c) American Physical Society, 1997
American Physical Society

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