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Gauge group and reality conditions in Ashtekar's complex formulation of canonical gravity
Pons Ràfols, Josep Maria; Salisbury, D. C.; Shepley, L. C.
Universitat de Barcelona
We discuss reality conditions and the relation between spacetime diffeomorphisms and gauge transformations in Ashtekars complex formulation of general relativity. We produce a general theoretical framework for the stabilization algorithm for the reality conditions, which is different from Diracs method of stabilization of constraints. We solve the problem of the projectability of the diffeomorphism transformations from configuration-velocity space to phase space, linking them to the reality conditions. We construct the complete set of canonical generators of the gauge group in the phase space which includes all the gauge variables. This result proves that the canonical formalism has all the gauge structure of the Lagrangian theory, including the time diffeomorphisms.
Teoria de camps (Física)
Partícules (Física nuclear)
Relativitat (Física)
Gravetat quàntica
Field theory (Physics)
Particles (Nuclear physics)
Special relativity (Physics)
Quantum gravity
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