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Philo of Alexandria's De opificio mundi (LIII-LXI): discovering the essential features of Greek and Western Misogyny in a Platonising Jewish Text
Gilabert Barberà, Pau
Universitat de Barcelona
The aim of this article is to show the Western centuries-old misogynist tradition from its origins in Greece by analysing a text by the allegorical interpreter of the Bible Philo of Alexandria, his De opifico mundi, which on many occasions is read by him from a Platonic point of view. The accurate analysis of the chapters devoted to the creation of the woman by God proves to what extent it is not possible to understand this text if one does not take into account a Greek philosophical tradition which was already centuries-old.
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Tradició clàssica
Filó, d'Alexandria, ca. 30 aC-ca. 50 dC. De opificio mundi
Estudis de gènere
Filosofia grega
Classical tradition
Philo, of Alexandria. De opificio mundi
Gender Studies
Greek philosophy
cc-by-nc-nd, (c) Gilabert, 2008
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