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Quantum wire with periodic serial structure
Wu, H. (Hua); Sprung, Donald W. L.; Martorell Domenech, Juan; Klarsfeld, S.
Universitat de Barcelona
Electron wave motion in a quantum wire with periodic structure is treated by direct solution of the Schrödinger equation as a mode-matching problem. Our method is particularly useful for a wire consisting of several distinct units, where the total transfer matrix for wave propagation is just the product of those for its basic units. It is generally applicable to any linearly connected serial device, and it can be implemented on a small computer. The one-dimensional mesoscopic crystal recently considered by Ulloa, Castaño, and Kirczenow [Phys. Rev. B 41, 12 350 (1990)] is discussed with our method, and is shown to be a strictly one-dimensional problem. Electron motion in the multiple-stub T-shaped potential well considered by Sols et al. [J. Appl. Phys. 66, 3892 (1989)] is also treated. A structure combining features of both of these is investigated.
Teoria del transport
Pel·lícules fines
Dispersió (Física nuclear)
Electronic transport
Thin films
Scattering (Physics)
(c) The American Physical Society, 1991
The American Physical Society

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Wu, H. (Hua); Sprung, Donald W. L.; Martorell Domenech, Juan; Klarsfeld, S.
Sprung, Donald W. L.; Wu, H. (Hua); Martorell Domenech, Juan