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Microscopic study of He2-SF6 trimers
Barletta, P.; Fabrocini, A.; Kievsky, A.; Navarro Faus, Jesús; Polls Martí, Artur
Universitat de Barcelona
The He2-SF6 trimers, in their different He isotopic combinations, are studied in the framework of both the correlated Jastrow approach and the correlated hyperspherical harmonics (CHH) expansion method. The energetics and structure of the He-SF6 dimers are analyzed, and the existence of a characteristic rotational band in the excitation spectrum is discussed, as well as the isotopic differences. The binding energies and the spatial properties of the trimers, in their ground and lowest lying excited states, obtained by the Jastrow ansatz are in excellent agreement with the results of the converged CHH expansion. The introduction of the He-He correlation makes all trimers bound by largely suppressing the short range He-He repulsion. The structural properties of the trimers are qualitatively explained in terms of the shape of the interactions, Pauli principle, and masses of the constituents.
Heli líquid
Microscòpia de materials
Gasos rars
Liquid helium
Microscopy of materials
Rare gases
(c) The American Physical Society, 2003
The American Physical Society

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