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Crítical memory of three school debates
Mallol i Esquefa, Miquel
Universitat de Barcelona
As reflection on the education in the Escola Elisava and of the design education in general, the intervention tries to treat the debates that for many years had existed tacitly between the different academic classes, showing the critical situation that it supposes - especially for the fragile design - that one any of these classes influences over the others. From middle of the 90s, the progressive adoption generalized in the higher education of the Anglo-Saxon model ¿with clear predominance of the institutional thing¿ has showed the indicative character of the critique that here is exhibited.
This article was published in the journal "Temes de Disseny", in the number 13, "La cultura del disseny, pas a pas", dedicated for the 35 years of the Elisava School in Barcelona. December, 1996. Ed. Servei de Publicacions Elisava, Institució Cultural of the C.I.C.. Private Foundation. Barcelona. Editing Jordi Pericot. It was a part of the section "La reflexió dels professors" (120-249). Catalan version (¿Memòria crítica de tres debats escolars, Pp. 173-181). Castilian version ("Memoria crítica de tres debates escolares", Pp. 196-204). English version ("Critique and memoir of three school debates", Pp. 219-226).
Podeu consultar la versió en català a i la versió en castellà a
Educació superior
Escola Superior de Disseny Elisava
Higher education
(c) Mallol, M., 1996
Pericot, Jordi. Servei de Publicacions Elisava, Institució Cultural del C.I.C.. Fundació privada

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