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Mixed and Hybrid Models of Public Service Delivery
Bel i Queralt, Germà, 1963-; Brown, Trevor L.; Warner, Mildred E.
Universitat de Barcelona
This symposium presents research from different contexts to improve our collective understanding of a variety of aspects of mixed forms of service delivery, be they mixed contracting at the level of the market (which is more common in the U.S.), or mixed management and ownership at the level of the firm (which is more common in Europe). The articles included in this special symposium examine the factors that give rise to mixed forms of service delivery (e.g., economic and fiscal stress, regulatory flexibility, geography, management) and how these factors impact their design and operation. Articles also explore the performance of mixed forms of service delivery relative to more conventional arrangements like contracted or direct service delivery. The articles contribute to a better theoretical and conceptual understanding of mixed/hybrid forms of services delivery.
Serveis públics
Investigació amb mètodes mixtos
Control de gestió
Public utilities
Mixed methods research
Management audit
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