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Feudal colonisation and socio-ecological transition in Mayûrqa (Muslim Majorca) in the thirteenth century
Soto i Company, Ricard, 1954-; Mas i Forners, Antoni, 1968-
Universitat de Barcelona
The feudal colonisation of the Island of Majorca, traditionally considered part of the Spanish 'Reconquista', must be included in the greater process of European feudal expansion. The island was inhabited by people living in a Muslim society, not a feudal one. The conquest by Catalan lords meant the imposition of a new feudal class structure and a new use of natural resources on the conquered land. We summarise the composition and evolution of the three main components of this top-down imposed feudalism: the Muslim populations conquered and enslaved, the Catalan settlers and the entirely new agricultural landscape they created.
Mallorca (Regne)
Majorque (Royaume)
(c) Cambridge University Press, 2015
Cambridge University Press

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