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Especial Les Rambles
Granell Trias, Enrique; Pizza de Nanno, Antonio; Galí, Beth; Fernández Salas, Elena; Llop, Carles; Bru Bistuer, Eduard; Rosa Trias, Elisabet; Muxí Martínez, Zaida; Sagarra Trias, Ferran; Muñoz, Francesc; Bohigas, Josep; Azara Nicolás, Pedro; Corominas Ayala, Miquel; Kay, Philip
Universitat de Barcelona
Since we routinely put questions forward for discussion that involve urban planning in Barcelona, let's begin with one that might seem too obvious: What to do about its main street? We solicited the views of 13 professional architects and geographers who have some connection to the Rambla, either because they live or work nearby or once did professionals, in other words, who are intimately familiar with it. The range of their responses surprised us. Issues like making the Rambla car-free or the street's physical design, recurring themes in recent years, here take a back seat. Instead, questions about underlying urban structures and street-level uses come up repeatedly
Història urbana
Barcelona (Catalunya)
Urban history
Barcelona (Catalonia)
Rambla (Barcelona, Catalunya)
cc-by-nc-nd (c) Granell Trias, Enrique et al., 2011
Laboratori d'Urbanisme de Barcelona

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