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Mentoring in the acquisition of professional skills through practices in companies by degree students
Rodríguez Ávila, Núria; Monllau, Teresa; Miralles de Imperial, J.
Universitat de Barcelona
Abstract This work has had as objective to analyze the skills acquired through internships in business companies by students of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University Pompeu Fabra. The internship is a basic item in order to obtain a hard connection between the University and social-economic world where University and Enterprises develop their activity. In this study we want to know about two aspects. The first one, we want to know the profit that is obtained from the Student as a consequence of internship and mentoring. Also, we want to study about the importance of mentoring as a principal element that establishes the relationship between the Student and the Company. Moreover, it has sought to analyze if certain factors such as the size of the company where the practices has been performed, the study rank level that was achieved or the fact of being a man or a woman, were among the determining factors at the time of acquiring the skills. The results presented here indicate that the size of the company that have been making the practices and the gender of the student are related to the acquisition of certain skills. There was not a statistically significant relationship related to the rank level have by the students in the practice. In the future we are going to study if the labor market Integration is easier if the Student has performed work placement. Keywords Skills; employability; internship; meatoring.
Contractes d'aprenentatge
Política de plena ocupació
Mètodes d'estudi
Col·laboració universitat-empresa
Apprenticeship contracts
Employment (Economic theory)
Full employment polices
Study skills
Academic-industrial collaboration
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Universitat Politècnica de València

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