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Assessment of research competences using e-portfolio
Barberà Gregori, Elena; Ahumada Torres, Mercedes Elisabeth
The challenges posed by the assessment of distance learning is a topic that requires, on the one hand, evolution with new trends and, on the other improving evaluative processes, to promote good practices. This demand becomes more imperative when we are dealing with a formativescenario based on distance assessment of competence-based learning.The Open University of Catalonia has begun to work with these formative tools, promoting new practices for online education. A very clear example of these educational practices is the assessment of research competences using the e-portfolio system. To meet this aim a profound and solid process has been developed over recent years, with the intention of making this tool an assessment alternative, and providing the opportunity to use it in a formative context. The objective is to study its strengths and limitations keeping in mind the final goal of offering the higher education community a validated assessment system.
Distance education
Internet in higher education
Education, Higher -- Research
Ensenyament a distància
Internet en l'ensenyament universitari
Ensenyament universitari -- Investigació
Enseñanza a distancia
Internet en la enseñanza superior
Enseñanza superior -- Investigación
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