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Large linear anhysteretic magnetoelectric voltage coeficients in CoFe2O4/polyvinylidene ¿uoride 0–3 nanocomposites
Martins, Pedro; Moya, Xavier; Caparrós Vázquez, Cristina Maria; Fernández González, Javier; Mathur, N.D.; Lanceros Méndez, Senentxu
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Ciència dels Materials i Enginyeria Metal·lúrgica
Free-standing flexible magnetoelectric 0–3 composite films comprising CoFe2O4 non-spherical ferromagnetic nanoparticles with strong magnetic anisotropy in soft polyvinylidene fluoride matrices with significant void ratios have been prepared at low temperatures by solvent casting, melt crystallization and mechanical stretching. Magnetoelectric voltage coefficients increase linearly with applied dc magnetic field bias up to 5 kOe. At this field, a maximum magnetoelectric voltage coef¿cient of 11.2 mV cm-1 Oe-1 was obtained for samples with 10 wt% ferrite at *50-kHz resonance. The observed linear magnetoelectric response is attributed to a linear gradient of magnetostriction with respect to magnetic field for H B 5 kOe.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria dels materials::Materials plàstics i polímers
Conducting polymers
Polymer composites
Electroactive polymers
Polímers conductors

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