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En torno al “entablamento arcuado” y al “frontón sirio” en la arquitectura construida y la iconografía arquitectónica romana
Parada López de Corselas, Manuel
This work is conceived to provide a general approach to the study of the different structures of Roman architecture - and of its representations – that combine the arched system with the architrave and that are traditionally grouped under terms like “arcuated trabeation” and “Syrian pediment” or other similar (“Syrian arch”, “arcuated lintel”, “arcuated architrave”, “arcuated gable”, “arcuated pediment”). This paper will address all-round issues of form and terminology, of origin and spread (with particular attention to the problem presented by the site of Sî῾ Syria), of use in constructions and iconography and of possible symbolic value. The study focuses on key concepts and basic bibliography as well as on some technical, functional and symbolic aspects able to broaden what has been outlined so far.
90 - Arqueologia. Prehistòria
Arquitectura romana
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