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Agreement in interpersonal perception as a predictor of group performance
Sierra, Vicenta; Andrés, Amara; Solanas Pérez, Antonio; Leiva Ureña, David
Universitat de Barcelona
The present work deals with quantifying group characteristics. Specifically, dyadic measures of interpersonal perceptions were used to forecast group performance. 46 groups of students, 24 of four and 22 of five people, were studied in a real educational assignment context and marks were gathered as an indicator of group performance. Our results show that dyadic measures of interpersonal perceptions account for final marks. By means of linear regression analysis 85% and 85.6% of group performance was respectively explained for group sizes equal to four and five. Results found in the scientific literature based on the individualistic approach are no larger than 18%. The results of the present study support the utility of dyadic approaches for predicting group performance in social contexts.
Psicoteràpia de grup
Psicologia social
Mètodes estadístics
Group psychotherapy
Social psychology
Statistical methods
(c) Psicothema, 2010
Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad de Oviedo y el Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos del Principado de Asturias

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