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Experimental analysis of the mass eficiency curve for gross alphya activity and morphological study of the residue obtained by the co-precipitation method
Montaña Gurrera, Montserrat; Camacho García, Antonia; Valles Murciano, M. Isabel; Serrano Carreño, M. Isabel
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Institut de Tècniques Energètiques (INTE); Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. GREENER - Grup de recerca d´estudis energètics i de les radiacions
Gross alpha activity determination in drinking water is one of the radiological parameters that must be determined in order to decide whether further specific analyses of radionuclides in samples is required. This parameter can be determined by the co-precipitation method using a ZnS(Ag) scintillation detector or a proportional counter. The method consists of collecting all alpha emitters of interest using barium and iron as carriers as they provide more uniform and homogeneous residues than the evaporation method, especially for highly saline waters. In the course of our work, the efficiencies of the gas proportional and ZnS(Ag) detectors for alpha particle detection in water residues were studied in function of sample mass (precipitate) with residues ranging between 16.0 and 35.0mg. In addition, the structure and morphological composition of a residue collected by the co-precipitation method was studied with the aim of verifying whether the residue is a homogeneous mixture. The effect of alpha energy on the efficiency and stability of the calibration samples (mass and efficiency) was studied using (230)Th, natural uranium ((nat)U) and (241)Am radionuclides.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Desenvolupament humà i sostenible::Enginyeria ambiental
Drinking water -- Analysis
Radioactive substances
Aigua potable -- Depuració
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain

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Montaña Gurrera, Montserrat; Camacho García, Antonia; Devesa, Ricard; Valles Murciano, M. Isabel; Cespedes, R.; Serrano Carreño, M. Isabel; Blázquez Pérez, Sonia M.; Barjola Molina, Vanessa
Camacho García, Antonia; Montaña Gurrera, Montserrat; Serrano Carreño, M. Isabel; Blázquez Pérez, Sonia M.; Montes, Sergio; Ganzer Martí, Marta; Devesa, Ricard; Duch Guillen, María Amor
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Valles Murciano, M. Isabel; Camacho García, Antonia; Serrano Carreño, M. Isabel; Blázquez Pérez, Sonia M.