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Magnetic field scaling of relaxation curves in small particle systems
Iglesias, Òscar; Labarta, Amílcar
Universitat de Barcelona
We study the effects of the magnetic field on the relaxation of the magnetization of smallmonodomain noninteracting particles with random orientations and distribution of anisotropyconstants. Starting from a master equation, we build up an expression for the time dependence of themagnetization which takes into account thermal activation only over barriers separating energyminima, which, in our model, can be computed exactly from analytical expressions. Numericalcalculations of the relaxation curves for different distribution widths, and under different magneticfields H and temperatures T, have been performed. We show how a T ln(t/t0) scaling of the curves,at different T and for a given H, can be carried out after proper normalization of the data to theequilibrium magnetization. The resulting master curves are shown to be closely related to what wecall effective energy barrier distributions, which, in our model, can be computed exactly fromanalytical expressions. The concept of effective distribution serves us as a basis for finding a scalingvariable to scale relaxation curves at different H and a given T, thus showing that the fielddependence of energy barriers can be also extracted from relaxation measurements.
Camps magnètics
Relaxació magnètica
Spin (Física nuclear)
Materials magnètics
Magnetic relaxation
Nuclear spin
Magnetic materials
Magnetic fields
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American Institute of Physics

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