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Top 25 most visited documents this year

Resource allocation with warranties in claims problems 53
Empirical studies in industrial location: an assessment of their methods and results 53
How did the Financial Crisis affect the Real Interest Rate Dynamics in Europe? 52
Measuring the influence of energy prices within the price formation mechanism 48
Tourist seasonality in Catalonia: The relevance of demand factors 48
Microfinance and credit rationing in Ghana: Does the microfinance type matter? 45
Creativity and the City: Testing the Attenuation of Agglomeration Economies fo r the Creative Industries in Barcelona 43
Attribution models and the Cooperative Game Theory 43
Eco-innovation strategies: Spanish service and manufacturing firms 42
Market Power and Welfare in Asymmetric Divisible Good Auctions 41
Innovation success: What is the role of innovation strategies? 40
Gender diversity and innovation in manufacturing and service firms 40
Innovation and firm growth: Does firm age play a role? 39
Economic and environmental effects of the CO2 taxation: an input-output analysis for Spain 38
A Political Agency Model of Coattail Voting 36
Intermediary and structural determinants of early childhood health in Colombia: exploring the role of communities 34
Quantiles of the Realized Stock-Bond Correlation 34
Smooth Transition Patterns in the Realized Stock- Bond Correlation 33
Competition for Procurement Shares 33
Industrial Location and Space: New Insights 33
New business formation and employment growth: some evidence for the Spanish manufacturing industry 33
Agglomeration of Creative Industries: an Intra-metropolitan Analysis for Barcelona 32
Mobility and Housing Satisfaction: An Empirical Analysis for Twelve EU Countries 32
All-pay auction equilibria in contests 32
Would Fiscal Authorities in the EMU prefer to coordinate? 31

Top 25 most visited documents

Firm Size and Short-Term Dynamics in Aggregate Entry and Exit 2.773
Delegation and information sharing in oligopoly 2.477
Land use regulation and productivity - Land matters: Evidence from a UK Supermarket chain 2.341
Empirical studies in industrial location: an assessment of their methods and results 2.247
Economic impact of a new museum on the local economy: "The Gaudí Centre" 2.210
Loss risk through fraud in car insurance 2.158
Pork Value Chains: A Comparison of Catalonia, Spain and Manitoba, Canada 2.156
Privatization and competition in the delivery of local services: An empirical examination of the dual market hypothesis 2.134
Ecological Footprint Inequality across countries: the role of environment intensity, income and interaction effects 2.089
What about people in European Regional Science? 2.076
A priori ratemaking using bivariate poisson regression models 2.075
Immigration and Firm Growth: Evidence from Spanish cities 2.064
Composition of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Spain: an Input-Output Analysis 2.047
Solvency Capital estimation and Risk Measures 1.993
Entradas y salidas de empresas: un contraste de las hipótesis de independencia, simetría y simultaneidad 1.973
Economic and environmental effects of the CO2 taxation: an input-output analysis for Spain 1.973
Evaluating antitrust leniency programs 1.968
Cross-section data, disequilibrium situations and estimated coefficients: evidence from car ownership demand 1.939
Ecological and Economic Impacts within the Environmental Input-Output Framework 1.925
Environmental Kuznets Curves for Carbon Emissions: A Critical Survey 1.917
Economic impacts of alternative water policy scenarios in the Spanish production system: an input-output analysis 1.908
Firm Size and Geographical Aggregation: An Empirical Appraisal in Industrial Location 1.896
The international trade as the sole engine of growth for an economy 1.895
Los salarios de los inmigrantes en el mercado de trabajo español. ¿Importa el origen del capital humano? 1.884
Innovation and firm growth: Does firm age play a role? 1.862

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