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Monte Carlo study of a kinetic lattice model with random diffusion of disorder
González-Miranda, J. M. (Jesús Manuel); Labarta, Amílcar; Puma, Marcello; Fernández, J. F.; Garrido, Pedro L.; Marro, Joaquín
Universitat de Barcelona
We report Monte Carlo results for a nonequilibrium Ising-like model in two and three dimensions. Nearest-neighbor interactions J change sign randomly with time due to competing kinetics. There follows a fast and random, i.e., spin-configuration-independent diffusion of Js, of the kind that takes place in dilute metallic alloys when magnetic ions diffuse. The system exhibits steady states of the ferromagnetic (antiferromagnetic) type when the probability p that J>0 is large (small) enough. No counterpart to the freezing phenomena found in quenched spin glasses occurs. We compare our results with existing mean-field and exact ones, and obtain information about critical behavior.
Física estadística
Sistemes no lineals
Equacions d'estat
Regla de les fases i equilibri
Transformacions de fase (Física estadística)
Statistical physics
Nonlinear systems
Equations of state
Phase rule and equilibrium
Phase transformations (Statistical physics)
(c) American Physical Society, 1994
The American Physical Society

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