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Tight coupling in thermal Brownian motors
Gómez Marín, Alejandro; Sancho, José M.
Universitat de Barcelona
We study analytically a thermal Brownian motor model and calculate exactly the Onsager coefficients. We show how the reciprocity relation holds and that the determinant of the Onsager matrix vanishes. Such a condition implies that the device is built with tight coupling. This explains why Carnot¿s efficiency can be achieved in the limit of infinitely slow velocities. We also prove that the efficiency at maximum power has the maximum possible value, which corresponds to the Curzon-Alhborn bound. Finally, we discuss the model acting as a Brownian refrigerator.
Fluctuacions (Física)
Processos de moviment brownià
Processos irreversibles
Termodinàmica del desequilibri
Fluctuations (Physics)
Brownian motion processes
Irreversible processes
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics
(c) The American Physical Society, 2006
The American Physical Society

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