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Preliminary report of the first season work of the International Pluridisciplinary Archaeological Expedition to Bactria 2007;
IPAEB 2007
Gurt, Josep M. (Josep Maria), 1951-; Pidaev, Shakir; Rauret, Anna M.; Stride, Sebastian
ERAUB (Grup de recerca); Universitat de Barcelona
A prior long-term and complex evaluation of the already available data on the geophysical prospecting during the first season work carried out at 2006, at the archaeological site of Tchinguiz Tepe of Termez, took place to decide the strategy to follow during the campaign of 2007. This previous evaluation of the information, on one hand, leaded to the decision to increase the geophysical prospecting at Tchinguiz Tepe, on the other hand, to decide the exact location of areas where the archaeological interventions.would carry out. The main objective at the beginning of this new season was to crosscheck the reliabilityof the measurements and, at the same time, to establish the unknown up to the present archaeologicaland chronological sequence of Tchinguiz Tepe. Meanwhile, the geophysical prospecting also wasextended to the outskirts of the city were the localisation of an unknown up to now Buddhist Monasterywas possible.
Prospecció geofísica
Excavacions arqueològiques
Ceràmica kushan
Ceràmica sassànida
Bactriana (Àsia Central : Regió)
Termez (Uzbekistan : Jaciment arqueològic)
Prospecting-Geophysical methods
Excavations (Archaeology)
Kushan Pottery
Sassanid pottery
Termiz (Uzbekistan: Excavations)
cc-by-nc-nd, (c) Gurt et al., 2008

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