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Supply chain management as a competitive advantage in the Spanish grocery sector
Ventura, Eva; Giménez, Cristina
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament d'Economia i Empresa
Adversarial relationships have long dominated business relationships,but Supply Chain Management (SCM) entails a new perspective. SCM requiresa movement away from arms-length relationships toward partnership stylerelations. SCM involves integration, co-ordination and collaborationacross organisations and throughout the supply chain. It means that SCMrequires internal (intraorganisational) and external (interorganisational)integration. This paper analyses the relationship between internal andexternal integration processes, their effect on firms performance andtheir contribution to the achievement of a competitive advantage.Performance improvements are analysed through costs, stock out and leadtime reductions. And, the achievement of a better competitive positionis measured by comparing the firm s performance with its competitors performance. To analyse this, an empirical study has been conducted inthe Spanish grocery sector.
Operations Management
supply chain management
logistics integration processes
internal and externalintegration
competitive advantage
logistics performance
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