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Pairing in a two-component ultracold Fermi gas: Phases with broken-space symmetries
Sedrakian, Armen; Mur Petit, Jordi; Polls Martí, Artur; Müther, Herbert
Universitat de Barcelona
We explore the phase diagram of a two-component ultracold atomic Fermi gas interacting with zero-range forces in the limit of weak coupling. We focus on the dependence of the pairing gap and the free energy on the variations in the number densities of the two species while the total density of the system is held fixed. As the density asymmetry is increased, the system exhibits a transition from a homogenous Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) phase to phases with spontaneously broken global space symmetries. One such realization is the deformed Fermi surface superfluidity (DFS) which exploits the possibility of deforming the Fermi surfaces of the species into ellipsoidal form at zero total momentum of Cooper pairs. The critical asymmetries at which the transition from DFS to the unpaired state occurs are larger than those for the BCS phase. In this precritical region the DFS phase lowers the pairing energy of the asymmetric BCS state. We compare quantitatively the DFS phase to another realization of superconducting phases with broken translational symmetry: the single-plane-wave Larkin-Ovchinnikov-Fulde-Ferrell phase, which is characterized by a nonvanishing center-of-mass momentum of the Cooper pairs. The possibility of the detection of the DFS phase in the time-of-flight experiments is discussed and quantified for the case of 6Li atoms trapped in two different hyperfine states.
Matèria condensada
Diagrames de fase
Gas d'electrons
Condensed matter
Phase diagrams
Electron gas
(c) The American Physical Society, 2005
The American Physical Society

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