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Implementation of a digital workspace
Weber, Aurore
Ricard, Jerome; Franch Gutiérrez, Javier
Projecte de final de master realitzat en col.laboració amb l'empresa Bull s.a
This document is the summary of my final assignment project report. In this report, I described my internship, the problems encountered and the solutions chosen. It includes also an analysis of my planning and the budget involved. This project aimed at producing a digital workspace which will provide for all pedagogical and management needs in the educational context. This digital workspace is designed to propose a unique and secure gateway to all on line services offered to the users. It will respect the single authentication principle and each application will manage by itself its own access right to its services. Within the team of developers, I was in charge of the data integration. It included the introduction of new data in the main database through an automated process, the management of data modification and the data forwarding to other application. This central process allows all the application to be synchronized at any moment with the data provided by the government. In the report, I present the functionality expected from the portal, and the requisite express by the client. Then, from a technical point of view, I introduce different portals and explain the reason behind our choice within all available. I also highlight a few technical points about the authentication system and the users management system. In another section of the report, I present my own work related to the data integration. From the extraction by the government to the transfer into the different applications, the data are passed from an application to another through different applications I designed and developed. A presented in-depth analysis of the requisites explains the reason of the design used. In the last part, the Gantt diagram and the budget presentation achieves the presentation of my internship.
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