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New origin firing is inhibited by APC/CCdh1 activation in S-phase after severe replication stress.
Ercilla Eguiarte, Amaia; Llopis, Alba; Feu, Sonia; Aranda, Sergi; Ernfors, Patrik; Freire, Raimundo; Agell i Jané, Neus
Universitat de Barcelona
Defects in DNA replication and repair are known to promote genomic instability, a hallmark of cancer cells. Thus, eukaryotic cells have developed complex mechanisms to ensure accurate duplication of their genomes. While DNA damage response has been extensively studied in tumour cells, the pathways implicated in the response to replication stress are less well understood especially in non-transformed cells. Here we show that in non-transformed cells, APC/CCdh1 is activated upon severe replication stress. Activation of APC/CCdh1 prevents new origin firing and induces permanent arrest in S-phase. Moreover, Rad51-mediated homologous recombination is also impaired under these conditions. APC/CCdh1 activation in S-phase occurs after replication forks have been processed into double strand breaks. Remarkably, this activation, which correlates with decreased Emi1 levels, is not prevented by ATR/ATM inhibition, but it is abrogated in cells depleted of p53 or p21. Importantly, we found that the lack of APC/CCdh1 activity correlated with an increase in genomic instability. Taken together, our results define a new APC/CCdh1 function that prevents cell cycle resumption after prolonged replication stress by inhibiting origin firing, which may act as an additional mechanism in safeguarding genome integrity.
Àcids nucleics
Mutació (Biologia)
Nucleic acids
Mutation (Biology)
cc-by-nc (c) Ercilla, Amaia et al., 2016
Oxford University Press

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