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3D Simulations of Deep Directional Electromagnetic Tools in High-angle and Horizontal Wells
Puzyrev, Vladimir; Torres-Verdin, Carlos
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
The first author acknowledges the RISE Horizon 2020 European Project GEAGAM (644202) for the travel support and the Repsol-BSC Research Center for funding. All numerical tests were performed on the MareNostrum supercomputer of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. We also acknowledgethe University of Texas at Austin’s Research Consortium on Formation Evaluation.
A new generation of deep directional electromagnetic imaging tools is being adopted by the industry to enhance the efficiency of well placement, reduce drilling risk and increase production potential. Schlumberger's GeoSphere reservoir service has been reported to reveal fluid-contact details and successfully map sand bodies more than 30 m from the wellbore. In this paper we employ 3D forward simulations for modeling-based interpretation of deep directional electromagnetic responses and present the results of independent feasibility studies. Optimal configurations for several induction frequencies are determined for various application conditions. This modeling algorithm will serve as a basis for a new inversion-based interpretation workflow.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria electrònica
Hydrocarbon research
Hydrocarbon reservoirs
Oil-water contact
Deep directional electromagnetic tools

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