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Myelin-associated proteins block the migration of olfactory ensheathing cells: an in vitro study using single cell tracking and traction force microscopy
Nocentini, Sara; Reginensi, Diego; Garcia, Simon; Carulla Martí, Patricia; Moreno-Flores, María Teresa; Wandosell, Francisco; Trepat Guixer, Xavier; Bribián Arruego, Ana; Río Fernández, José Antonio del
Universitat de Barcelona
Newly generated olfactory receptor axons grow from the peripheral to the central nervous system aided by olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs). Thus, OEC transplantation has emerged as a promising therapy for spinal cord injuries and for other neural diseases. However, these cells do not present a uniform population, but, instead, a functionally heterogeneous population that exhibits a variety of responses including adhesion, repulsion and crossover during cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions. Some studies report that the migratory properties of OECs are compromised by inhibitory molecules and potentiated by chemical gradients. Here, we demonstrated that rodent OECs express all the components of the Nogo Receptor complex and that their migration is blocked by Myelin. Next, we used cell tracking and traction force microscopy to analyze OEC migration and its mechanical properties over Myelin. Our data relate the absence of traction force of OEC with lower migratory capacity, which correlates with changes in the F-Actin cytoskeleton and focal adhesion distribution. Lastly, OEC traction force and migratory capacity is enhanced after cell incubation with the Nogo Receptor inhibitor NEP1-40.
Receptors cel·lulars
Myelin sheath
Cell receptors
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