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Bistatic SAR data acquisition and processing using SABRINA-X, with TerraSAR-X as the opportunity transmitter
Siddique, Muhammad Adnan
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Teoria del Senyal i Comunicacions; Broquetas Ibars, Antoni
This thesis investigates the acquisition and processing of Bistatic SAR data using SABRINA-X, and with TerraSAR-X as the transmitter of opportunity. SABRINA-X is an X-band receiver system that has been recently designed at the UPC Remote-Sensing Laboratory, while TerraSARX is a German satellite for SAR-based active remote-sensing. Prior to the particular case of acquiring TerraSAR-X signals, the hardware aspects of SABRINAX have been investigated further, and improved as necessary (or suggested for up-gradation in future). Two successful data acquisitions have been carried out, to obtain bistatic SAR images of the Barcelona harbor, with the receiver set-up at the close-by Montjuïc hill. Each acquisition campaign necessitated an accurate prediction of the satellite overpass time and precise orientation of the antennas to acquire the direct signal from the satellite and the backscattered signals off the viewed terrain. The thesis also investigates the characteristics of the acquired signals, which is critical as regards the subsequent processing for imaging and interferometric applications. The hardware limitations, combined with ‘off-nominal’ transmissions of the satellite, necessitate improved range processing of the acquired signals. The thesis expounds the possible range compression techniques, and suggests ways for improved compression, thereby improving the quality of the subsequently processed images.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria electrònica i telecomunicacions::Radiocomunicació i exploració electromagnètica::Radar
Artificial satellites in telecommunication
Synthetic aperture radar
Satèl·lits artificials en telecomunicació
Radar d'obertura sintètica
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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