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The Peace Processes in the Basque Country and Northern Ireland (1994-2006): a Comparative Approach
Espiau Idoiaga, Gorka
Institut Català Internacional per la Pau
The peace process in Northern Ireland demonstrates that new sovereignty formulas need to be explored in order to meet the demands of the populations and territories in conflict. The profound transformation of the classic symbolic elements of the nation-state within the context of the European Union has greatly contributed to the prospects for a resolution of this old conflict. Today’s discussions are focused on the search for instruments of shared sovereignty that are adapted to a complex and plural social reality. This new approach for finding a solution to the Irish conflict is particularly relevant to the Basque debate about formulating creative and modern solutions to similar conflicts over identity and sovereignty. The notion of shared sovereignty implemented in Northern Ireland –a formula for complex interdependent relations– is of significant relevance to the broader international community and is likely to become an increasingly potent and transcendent model for conflict resolution and peace building.
32 - Política
Gestió de conflictes -- Irlanda del Nord
Gestión de conflictos -- Irlanda del Norte
Conflict management -- Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland peace process
Proés de pau d'Irlanda del Nord
Proceso de paz de Irlanda del Norte
Conflicte basc
Conflicto vasco
Conflict, Basque
30 p.
2013.5793 (en línia);
2013.5785 (paper)
ICIP Working Papers;2010/03

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