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The lender of last resort: A 21st Century approach
Freixas, Xavier; Parigi, Bruno M.; Rochet, Jean-Charles
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament d'Economia i Empresa
The object of this paper is to analyze rigorously the role of a Lender ofLast Resort by providing a framework where the distinction betweeninsolvency and illiquidity is not clearly cut. Determining the optimalLender of Last Resort policy requires a careful modeling of the structureof the interbank market and of the closure policy. In our set up, theresults depend upon the existence of moral hazard. If the main source ofmoral hazard is the banks lack of incentives to screen loans, then theLender of Last Resort may have to intervene to improve the e¢ciency of anunsecured interbank market; if instead, the main source of moral hazard isloans monitoring, then the interbank market should be secured and theLender of Last Resort should never intervene.
Finance and Accounting
lender of last resort
interbank market
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