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Financiación capitativa, articulación entre niveles asistenciales y descentralización de las organizaciones sanitarias
Ortún, Vicente; López, Guillem
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament d'Economia i Empresa
Public organisations are subjected to weak incentivesfor competition. Therefore, institutional Darwinismcannot apply. Regulation and performance monitoring isrequired to protect the public interest. This isparticularly the case of organisations in the healthcare arena, since strong incentives may risk the wholesupply of public health services. Regarding to the pathdependence of the Spanish public health institutionswith respect to the international experience and theobserved health technological changes, this paper triesto ground some theoretical bases for the organisationalchange in our health system. We do this by building ourargument from the very basic public goal: the improvementof the health status of the Spanish population. Thisrequires a better integration of health care services.To this regard, capitation in finance shows somecomparative advantages: it takes an integral view forthe care of the population, it allows for a betterdecentralisation ('deconcentration') of risks to healthproviders and favours managed care under a globalperspective, replacing partial payment to differentproviders. However, the paper shows some potentiallimitations for this purpose and the need of a gradualstrategy for its implementation.
Labour, Public, Development and Health Economics
the spanish health system
capitation financing
incentives in health care management
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