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Embodied Autonomy in Digital Ecosystems: From Bio-Inspired Agents to Cognitive Systems
Lopardo, Gabriel Alejandro; Ibarra Martínez, Salvador; Rosa, Josep Lluís de la
Agents intel·ligents (Programari)
Sistemes multiagent
Intelligent agents (Computer software)
Multiagent systems
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Rosa, Josep Lluís de la; Hormazábal Llona, Nicolás; Aciar, Silvana Vanesa; Lopardo, Gabriel Alejandro; Trias Mansilla, Albert; Montaner Rigall, Miquel
Mano, Jean-Pierre; Bourjot, Christine; Lopardo, Gabriel Alejandro; Glize, Pierre
Rosa, Josep Lluís de la; Szymanski, Boleslaw K.
Rosa, Josep Lluís de la; Szymanski, Boleslaw K.