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Entrepreneurship, organization and economic performance among Spanish firms, 1930-1975. The case of the motor industry;
The Spanish Motor Industry, 1930-1975
Carreras, Albert; Estapé Triay, Salvador
Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Departament d'Economia i Empresa
Before the Civil War (1936-1939), Spain had seen the emergence offirms of complex organizational forms. However, the conflict andthe postwar years changed this pattern. The argument put forwardin this paper is based on historical experience, the efforts willbe addressed to explain the development of Spanish entrepreneurshipduring the second half of the twentieth century. To illustrate thechange in entrepreneurship and organizational patterns among theSpanish firms during the Francoist regime we will turn to the caseof the motor vehicle industry.
Economic and Business History
motor industry
multinational entreprises
organizational capabilities
state intervention
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Working Paper

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