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Approaching a Low-Cost Production of Cellulose Nanofibers for Papermaking Applications
Delgado Aguilar, Marc; González Tovar, Israel; Tarrés Farrés, Quim; Alcalà Vilavella, Manel; Pèlach Serra, Maria Àngels; Mutjé Pujol, Pere
The use of cellulose nanofibers (CNF) as an additive in papermaking is an attractive alternative to improve paper’s strength. However, the costs of CNF production need to be competitive compared to other approaches aimed at reducing mechanical beating. Five different types of CNFs were prepared following different pretreatments: TEMPO-mediated oxidation at basic and neutral conditions, soft acid hydrolysis, enzymatic treatment, and mechanical beating. All of the pretreated fibers were later passed through a high-pressure homogenizer. The resulting CNFs were each applied to a papermaking pulp to investigate their reinforcing ability. Results indicated that the TEMPO-oxidized CNFs offered the highest increase at the same nanofiber content compared to the other types of CNFs. However, an analysis of the cost of increasing paper’s breaking length by 75% indicated that TEMPO-oxidized CNFs were more expensive than the other CNF grades, whereas CNFs from mechanical and acid pre-treatment offered similar increases at lower prices. The results indicated that CNFs of high fibrillation degree were not necessary to induce dramatic increases in paper strength. This finding offers a new possibility for the escalation of CNF production to industrial levels with competitive prices
The authors whis to aknowledge the finalcial support of the Spanish Economy and Competitiveness Ministry to the project CTM2011-28506-C02-01
Fibres de cel·lulosa
Cellulose fibers
Materials nanoestructurats -- Propietats mecàniques
Nanostructured materials -- Mechanical properties
Paper -- Fabricació
Pasta de paper -- Procés d'elaboració
Tots els drets reservats
North Carolina State University. Dept of Wood Paper Science, College of Natural Resources

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