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Rutalc: aplicación de soporte a viajeros en entornos rurales para Android
Fuertes Del Pozo, Carlos
Salamí San Juan, Esther
This document details the tools and algorithms used for the development of Rutalc, an agricultural tourism oriented application. It is a mobile application aimed at terminals running under the Android operating system. The application allows the user to select the type of sites he wants to visit in a given area or between two specific locations, and provides a set of points that match the selected type of tourism and a series of paths that interconnect the different points of interest regardless of their type. These paths may run either on asphalt, dirt or both types of track, which is chosen by the user. The application operates independently of the availability of the mobile network. It works with maps provided by the OpenStreetMap platform and for viewing a library of third parties is used, which allows the integration of these with Android. Data used are extracted from the maps provided by the above platform. The document details the different technologies used for development, how information is processed in the database to generate the different routes, and the algorithms used to perform this task. Different examples of results obtained with this development are also shown.
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