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Monitorización y supervisión remota de aeródromos y helipuertos: red de transporte
Tranche Mendoza, Sergio
Berenguer Sau, Jordi
The Final Project "Remote monitoring of airfields and heliports: Transport Network" focuses on the transport of data generated by the devices installed on the premises of airfields and heliports of Catalonia to a control center that would be located on the campus of Castelldefels (EETAC). The work is part of an overall project that is based on the implementation of a monitoring and remote airfields and heliports remotely from a common point. The aim of the project itself is to cost savings at aerodromes and heliports where it would not be economically viable to have air traffic controllers permanently. Air traffic in these aerodromes is very low, which would be enough with the remote control center to simulate virtually a control tower of an airport for all aerodromes and heliports in Catalonia. For this, the local installation of the necessary devices such as cameras, weather station, air-ground communications, and other remote devices is necessary. This document will explain the process of transporting data between the airfield concerned and the control center. We will focus on WiMAX technology to access a network, with the advantages that will offer over other systems. The material needed to implement the system also will be defined, including their costs. And finally, the calculation method will be detailed to give as a viable radio links using the Radio Mobile software. Annexes find data sheets of selected equipment for the project and the viability study of other airfields in Catalonia.
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