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Language extinction and linguistic fronts
Isern Sardó, Neus; Fort, Joaquim
Language diversity has become greatly endangered in the past centuries owing to processes of language shift from indigenous languages to other languages that are seen as socially and economically more advantageous, resulting in the death or doom of minority languages. In this paper, we define a new language competition model that can describe the historical decline of minority languages in competition with more advantageous languages. We then implement this non-spatial model as an interaction term in a reaction
diffusion system to model the evolution of the two competing languages. We use the results to estimate the speed at which the more advantageous language spreads geographically, resulting in the shrinkage of the area of dominance of the minority language. We compare the results from our model with the observed retreat in the area of influence of the Welsh language in the UK, obtaining a good agreement between the model and the observed data
Llengua i cultura -- Models matemàtics
Language and culture -- Mathematical models
Equacions de reacció-difusió
Reaction-diffusion equations
Llenguatge i llengües -- Mort
Language obsolescence
Reconeixement 3.0 Espanya
Royal Society (Gran Bretanya)

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