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PhylomeDB v4: zooming into the plurality of evolutionary histories of a genome
Huerta Cepas, Jaime; Capella Gutiérrez, Salvador Jesús; Pryszcz, Leszek P.; Marcet Houben, Marina; Gabaldón Estevan, Juan Antonio, 1973-
Phylogenetic trees representing the evolutionary relationships of homologous genes are the entry point for many evolutionary analyses. For instance, the use of a phylogenetic tree can aid in the inference of orthology and paralogy relationships, and in the detection of relevant evolutionary events such as gene family expansions and contractions, horizontal gene transfer, recombination or incomplete lineage sorting. Similarly, given the plurality of evolutionary histories among genes encoded in a given genome, there is a need for the combined analysis of genome-wide collections of phylogenetic trees (phylomes). Here, we introduce a new release of PhylomeDB (, a public repository of phylomes. Currently, PhylomeDB hosts 120 public phylomes, comprising >1.5 million maximum likelihood trees and multiple sequence alignments. In the current release, phylogenetic trees are annotated with taxonomic, protein-domain arrangement, functional and evolutionary information. PhylomeDB is also a major source for phylogeny-based predictions of orthology and paralogy, covering >10 million proteins across 1059 sequenced species. Here we describe newly implemented PhylomeDB features, and discuss a benchmark of the orthology predictions provided by the database, the impact of proteome updates and the use of the phylome approach in the analysis of newly sequenced genomes and transcriptomes.
Spanish ministry of Economy and Competitiveness [BIO2012-37161]; a Grant from the Qatar NationalResearch Fund [NPRP 5-298-3-086]; a the European Research Council under the European Union’s SeventhFramework Programme [FP/2007-2013/ERC and ERC-2012-StG-310325]; Juan de La Cierva postdoctoral program (to J.H.C.) and La Caixa-CRG International Fellowship Program (to L.P.P.). Funding for open access charge: Internal budget from the CRG
© 2013 Jaime Huerta Cepas et al. This is an Open Acces article distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution License
Oxford University Press

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