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Study of the variability in chemical composition of bark layers of Quercus Suber L. from different production areas
Jové, Patricia; Olivella Costa, Àngels; Cano, Laura
Suro -- Anàlisi
Cork -- Analysis
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North Carolina State University

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Olivella Costa, Àngels; Jové, Patricia; Sen, Ali Umut; Pereira, Helena; Villaescusa Gil, Isabel; Fiol Santaló, Núria
Jove, Patricia; Olivella Costa, Maria Àngels; Camarero, Susana; Caixach Gamisans, Josep; Planas Pastor, Carles; Cano, Laura; Heras Cisa, F. Xavier de las
Jove, Patricia; Olivella, Maria A.; Camarero, Susana; Caixach, Josep; Planas, Carles; Cano, Laura; de Las Heras, Francesc X.
Olivella Costa, Àngels; Fiol Santaló, Núria; Torre Yugueros, Florencio de la; Poch Garcia, Jordi; Villaescusa Gil, Isabel