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Outboard electric propulsion
Marks, Joanna; Sandelin, Niclas; Bulkmans, Niels; Duijghuisen, Koen; Espluga, Carles; Coma, Mariona
Parisi Baradad, Vicenç; Prats Menéndez, Xavier
As oil prices rise and people get more aware of the implications of global warming, the demand for alternative energy use rises. The fishing industry is one of the branches that is looking for cheaper propulsion systems. This is why the company of Innovanautic saw the need for designing a new electric outboard propulsion system, to be used in the local fishing industry to get their boats out of the harbour. The overall purpose of this project was to design a complete outboard engine, thinking about the mechanical structures, the electrical controls and the overall design. Furthermore, a marketing strategy was needed to make the product profitable. For now, the project is incomplete, but this report gives an idea of what direction the team has chosen and how they are solving certain problems which rise during the design. It may be clear more research is needed.
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