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Per-antenna rate and power control for MIMO layered architectures in the low- and high-power regimes
Lozano Solsona, Àngel
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
In a MIMO layered architecture, several codewordsare transmitted from a multiplicity of antennas. Although thespectral efficiency is maximized if the rates of these codewordsare separately controlled, the feedback rate within the linkadaptation loop is reduced if they are constrained to be identical.This poses a direct tradeoff between performance andfeedback overhead. This paper provides analytical expressionsthat quantify the difference in spectral efficiency between bothapproaches for arbitrary numbers of antennas. Specifically, thecharacterization takes place in the realm of the low- and highpowerregimes via expansions that are shown to have a widerange of validity.In addition, the possibility of adjusting the transmit powerof each codeword individually is considered as an alternative tothe separate control of their rates. Power allocation, however,turns out to be inferior to rate control within the context of thisproblem.
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Spectral efficiency
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