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Diseño de la red de transporte de un sistema de telefonía móvil LTE
García Fernández, Iria
García Lozano, Mario
The present project proposes the development of a Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile telecommunications network and its implementation in a suburban town with a population of approximately 250.000 inhabitants. More precisely, the study with centre upon the network backhaul that is to say in the transport network, and to be out together in the following steps: 1) Choice of the target area followed by a detailed study of it. In this case the chosen area is L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and the study will analyze specifically: · The number of subscribers per total population and estimated subscribers in five years time. · Number of existing mobile telecommunication lines. · Penetration rate of the operator per number of lines. 2) Analysis of the township zoning to establish the optimal placement of the teams that will make up the network. 3) Network dimensioning. After detailed analysis of the target area this is the next step to be performed, this requires an estimate of the amount evolved NodeBs (eNBs) we will need to provide the required capacity in a LTE network for optimal coverage. In this paper these calculations will be made from two different points of view, taking into consideration the terrain to be covered. From here begins the backbone network design and network deployment logic we want to give. The design process must take into account the necessary equipment, technology and media to reach each of them. Another thing to keep in mind when designing these networks is the protection of traffic. 4) Viability. Finally, the estimation of a budget and maintenance costs, compared with a forecast of anticipated revenues for the operator after the initial deployment of this pre-4G network.
En el presente proyecto, se propone el desarrollo de una red de telecomunicaciones móviles Long Term Evolution (LTE) y su implantación en un municipio de tipo suburbano con una población aproximada de 250.000 habitantes. Concretamente, el estudio se centra en la red “backhaul” es decir en la red de transporte.
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Long-Term Evolution (Telecommunications)
Planificación LTE
Dimensionado LTE
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