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Design of a multibubble sonoluminescence experiment for a microgravity platfom
Bas Espargaro, Jordi; Cortés Catalán, Eloi; Fortes Galera, Eduardo Manuel; García Sabaté, Anna
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Física Aplicada; González Cinca, Ricardo
Sonoluminescence is a phenomenon relatively recent in the scientific community, for which there are still many unknowns remaining to be discovered. Is important to keep investigating it, in order to reach a full understanding of the effect. The present document contains the description of the work carried out for the preparation of a Sonoluminescence experiment in microgravity conditions. An experimental design and procedure are proposed in order to investigate multibubble sonoluminescence in a microgravity platform, specially directed to a parabolic flight campaign. In order to achieve these objectives this document has been divided in three main chapters. In the first chapter a theoretical explanation of the phenomenon is presented, including from an historical overview to a personal interpretation of the different. Moreover, the main characteristics affecting sonoluminescence and the state of the art can also be found in this chapter. Chapter two describes in detail the experimental procedure, the equipment needed to conduct it and to follow in order to reach the optimum setup for the system. Finally, a simulation of the phenomenon is presented in chapter three. Numerical results obtained are compared to current experimental results.
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Reduced gravity environments
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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Bas Espargaró, Jordi; García-Sabaté, Anna; Cortés Catalán, Eloi; Fortes Galera, Eduardo M.; González Cinca, Ricardo