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Development of a new tool in e-Catalunya
Suñol Juliachs, Lluís
Barceló Ordinas, José María; Martín Santiago, Rosa María
This final master project has taken place at the Computing Laboratory of the Barcelona School of Informatics (LCFIB). The main objective of this project has been to develop a new collaborative web tool for the e-Catalunya platform. This new tool is a wiki tool. The project has consisted in three basic phases. In the first one some open source wiki engines were studied to analyze the possibility of integrating an already developed wiki engine. The final decision was to develop a new wiki engine starting from scratch. In the second phase consist of the specifications and design of the new wiki engine. In the last phase, the wiki was implemented, tested and deployed at the production environment. It is available to e-Catalunya members since 16th of July, when there was released the 1.7 version of the e-Catalunya platform.
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Social networks
Wikis (Computer science)
Motor wiki
Eina colaborativa
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wiki engine
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