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Yield in double cropping system as affected by N fertilization rate with pig slurry in a Catalonia dryland region
International Workshop on Higher Education (5th : 2015 : Vic); Universitat de Vic. Escola de Doctorat; Universitat de Vic. Grup de Recerca en Biodiversitat, Ecologia, Tecnologia i Gestió Ambiental
Intensive swine production is an important agricultural and economical activity in Europe. The high availability of pig slurry (PS) lead to attractive fertilization strategy to reduce costs, therefore is mainly applied as fertilizer in agricultural systems. The optimization N fertilization in these areas should be taken in into to avoid nitrates losses by lixiviation and to achieve maximum efficiency in crop nutrition. Many studies have shown that PS applications can achieve satisfactory yields in different crops by partially or completely replacing synthetic fertilizers. In addition, for the last years, in Northeast Spain (Catalonia) has been widely extended the double-cropping forage system.
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